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Come to the BS College, the only Constituent College in this district noted for the Bauxite ore. All our students and their respected guardians are most welcome to our College campus.

Please feel free to seek assistance related to the academics. If you chance to have a complain, please mail it with supporting papers to us on bscollegelohardaga01@gmail.com

Your report would be shared by the college administration and by the University, if needed so.



Purchase the Admission Form from the College Counter and submit it on time. To get a Honours Course, you must have at least 45% marks in related subject or a Second class Inter Marks in your Faculty, e. g. I A, I Com, I Sc.

contact & Socials

Many of our teachers feel happy to work with students for social development. One could easily identify and reach them.


Our College is located on the south eastern portion of the historical Lohardaga town, on the Lohardaga- Bhandara-Bedo- Ranchi road. There is a daily Ranchi- Lohardaga Passenger train to commute between them. The train makes four trips a day.


The College has a zealous sports group led by Shri Suresh Kumar of the department of Chemistry.


The College has a vibrant Alumni Group consisting of the former students settled in Lohardaga as well as beyond. The Group is led by Dr Shashi Kumar Gupta, a former alumnus and teacher of chemistry in college.


Our library is modest, but easy to excess. The Prof. in Charge of library affairs are Dr Kalyan Kumar Singh and Dr Suman Kujur.

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Why Choose Us?

Here at the BS College, we not only focus on the academic development of our students, but have teachers who are committed to develop the entire personality of our pupils.

We counsel and encourage them as how to approach the world that is increasingly growing tuff and difficult in terms of climatic, environmental and even mental terms of reference! We emphasize that more skilled and knowledgeable you be more easy you would find as how to live in the world.

Moreover, the College has the proximity of as many as three large size hostels for boys. And the Girls Hostel is also only one kilometer from the Campus. And we have wardens for each of the hostels that are ever ready to help and support the inmates.

Recent News

  • The College is on the way to be hi tech.


  • No student would be permitted to write exams without attending 75 per cent classes held.


  • Talking on the mobile phone is not permitted inside the campus.


  • If you have any complain place it at proper place.


  • Don’t move here and there without purpose.


  • Make reading a habit. You have to grow from the inside out.


  • “None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul” 

Why study at BS College?

Choose BS College and you’ll put yourself ahead of the competition when the time comes to shape your career.

undergraduate admissions

Admission to the BS College is a selective process. We suppose that one is approaching our college with a motive to learn and not to just earn a degree!
Getting a graduate degree through BS College should be an important investment in your education and in your life.


graduate admissions

Earning your graduate degree or graduate certificate at the BS College is an important investment in your education and in your life.


continuing education

The academic environment on our campus offers results-orientated programs that make a real connection with your professors, classmates, and the Industry. We are making ample space so that there is regular interface between all the stakeholders of the College.